is a method of converting the contents of a hard drive -- including its configuration settings and applications -- into an image, and then storing the image on a server or burning it onto a CD.


Onsite and offsite backup with secure cloud storage for small to medium-sized businesses.


Lost File Recovery - Recover formatted and deleted files with original file name and path.
Partition Recovery - Retrieve corrupted or lost partitions...


Repairs for most tablet computers.

Because of their small size and frequent use of adhesive, tablet repair is often more involved than laptop repair.
Many companies have decided that even a laptop could be made more portable, and the era of tablets was born. While most tablets have a few buttons, they tend to utilize touch-screen technology. Tablet computers come in a range of sizes, and are manufactured by many different companies.



A.O.Tech is an 8 year old I.T. Consulting company, bringing the service to your door. We urge you to “let Us do the work for you”, whether it be your home computer, office network or extending your wifi to be accessible by the pool. Be it a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet, we come to you to service your devices..

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